Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment


To provide more emphasis to the overseas employment sector, Bangladesh Govt. has established the ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment on 20 December 2001. The main objective of the ministry is to ensure welfare of the expatriate workers and enhancement of the overseas employment. The Ministry is rendering ceaseless efforts in enhanching the flow of remittance and to provide equal opportunity for the people of all areas of the country for overseas employment and ensuring overall welfare of the migrant workers. Since the ministry is very new and its units/divisions are very few. Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET) is it only and active units. In this project we have elaborately investigate the existing system of the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment and Brueau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET).Bureau of Manpower Employment & Training (BMET) is a division of Ministry of Overseas Employment and Expatriate Welfare. Earlier this division was under direct control of Ministry of Labour and Welfare. Now, the division is operating under the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment.

The objective of this division is to create new overseas employment oppertunities through out the global market. BMET ensures the welfare for the overseas employees and directly help them for searching works to the varoius countries of the world. BMET also collects labour market related information to take the government decesion. This division helps unemployed people to be self-employed and to implement the poverty alleviation programs. BMET develops and designs new policies and procedures to monitor the functions of recruiting agencies. The ultimate target of BMET is to increase the overseas employment, ensure welfare for overseas employees, helps them to get conpensation from overseas employer, compensate them in case of death, illness, or any sort of problem in overseas. Moreover, BMET helps to ensure the remitance inflow to boost up the economy of the country.


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