Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment

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Units and Divisions

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Name of the organization: Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment.

Units & Divisions

Units & Divisions
A) Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET)

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) was established in the year 1976 by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as an attached department of the then Ministry of Manpower Development and Social Welfare with specific purpose of meeting the manpower requirement of the country and for export of manpower as well. BMET is engaged for over all planning and implementation of the strategies for proper utilization of manpower of the country.

Presently BMET is under administrative control of Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment. Bureau is performing all functions relating to migration process including licensing of recruiting agents. Through 14 (Fourteen) Technical Training Centers (T.T.C), 1 Institute of Marine Technology and 3 Apprenticeship Training Office BMET imparting training in different employable trades.

BMET Activities :

BMET is engaged in human resources development and to provide employment services both in country and also abroad. The functions can be summarized with the following main tasks:

  • To monitor and control legal process of manpower export.
  • To Look after the welfare of Bangladeshi workers abroad.
  • To provide institution based vocational and technical training in different employable trades.
  • To plan and implement development programs to conduct training activities.
  • Conducting informal, formal and special training course.
  • Coordinate Apprenticeship training.
  • Processing of foreign demands for recruitment of Bangladeshi workers.
  • Implementation of self-employment programs.
  • Collection and dissemination of labour market information.
  • Regulates private Recruiting Agents those recruit Bangladeshi workers for foreign employers.
  • To increase legal remittance through banks and combat money laundering.
  • To combat illegal trafficking and harassment for better image of Bangladesh.
  • Registration of Job seekers for overseas employment market in the Computer database Network.

Since its establishment BMET has started serving both skilled and non-skilled professionals as well as classified labour force emigrating with overseas employment. Most of these employment offers are privately arranged by either individuals or Licensed Recruiting Agencies (RA). Most of these licensed agencies are members of Government of Bangladesh recognized association known as BAIRA (Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies). Besides, there is another government agency called BOESL (Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited). It was established in 1984. It is only government agency dealing with recruiting of labour migrants demanded directly through the BMET. This is the only Company created by the Government to operate in healthy competition with private recruiting agencies in the country in this sector. The main purpose of creating this Company is to provide honest, efficient and quick services to the valued foreign employers in the matter of deployment of manpower development.

Offices :

  1. 21 District Employment & Manpower Office.
  2. 14 Technical Training Centre and 1 Institute of Marine Technology.
  3. 3 Apprenticeship Training Office.

B) Bangladesh Overseas Employment & Services Ltd. (BOESL)

To earn the much needed foreign exchange by way of exporting professional, skilled & un-skilled manpower the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh established Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL) in 1984. This is the only Company created by the Government to operate in healthy competition with about 600 private recruiting agencies in the country in this sector. The main purpose of creating this Company is to provide honest, efficient and quick services to the valued foreign employers in the matter of deployment of manpower development

List of the members of the Board of Directors of BOESL

1. Secretary, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment: Chairman
2. Director General. Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training : Director
3. Joint Sec., Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment : Director
4. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs : Director
5. Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Director
6. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance : Director
7. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism : Director

C) Association of Recruiting Agencies engaged in Manpower Export (BAIRA)

There are about seven hundred licensed private recruiting agents engaged in manpower export. They have association under the name and style of Bangladesh Association international Recruiting Agencies (BAI RA). BAIRA cooperates With the Ministry in implementing rules, regulation and directives of the Ministry. The present number of BAIRA members is 724.

Aims and Objectives of BAIRA

  1. To promote and protect the rights and interests of the members of the association in particular and the trade, commerce and industries of Bangladesh in general;
  2. To promote, advise and assist in the business activities of the members of the association, to make all out efforts for providing Bangladeshis with job abroad;
  3. To co-ordinate the activities of the licensed recruiting agents approved by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh for arranging employment's of Bangladesh abroad and to create unity amongst the licensed recruiting agents;
  4. To develop an understanding and awareness of Government notification, rules and regulations regarding the overseas employment of manpower amongst the member recruiting agents;
  5. To advise Government to amend, alter or modify orders in this regard from time to time keeping the interest of the country;
  6. To take all steps by lawful means that may be necessary for promoting, supporting or opposing legislation or any other action effecting the general interests of member recruiting agents;
  7. To establish close and intimate liaison with foreign missions in Bangladesh with a view to provide employment of Bangladeshi citizens in their respective countries;
  8. To keep in touch with Bangladesh Embassies or other reliable agencies for creating job opportunities for Bangladeshi citizens in different countries;
  9. To invite delegations from countries having potential for employment of skilled and un-skilled Bangladeshi workers with a view to acquainting them with the vast hard working manpower available in Bangladesh, after getting prior permission form the Government;
  10. To assist Government and non-Government delegations coming to Bangladesh to select appropriate manpower by cultivating close liaison with them;
  11. To send delegation from the association abroad for creating proper awareness amongst the intending employers about skilled and un-skilled workers of Bangladesh;
  12. To print brochures, booklets and leaflets of skilled workers of Bangladesh and circulate these abroad with the help of Government;
  13. To make efforts to ensure distribution of all privileges and facilities to all member recruiting agents fairly and equitably;
  14. To distribute all offers received by the association for employment in the private and the public sectors equitably amongst the member-recruiting agents;
  15. To create association's own Trade Institute in order to assist each and every member-recruiting agent appropriate and capable manpower;
  16. To establish association's own training center to assist and offer training to all candidates selected for employment abroad on manners, customs and foreign languages etc;
  17. To assist all member-recruiting agents about rules, regulations, procedures, visa entry permits by procuring them from different countries and making them available to the members;
  18. To make all efforts and take all steps to remove difficulties and bottlenecks faced by the member-agents;
  19. To remove difficulties and inconveniences of the workers sent abroad by the member-recruiting agents ;
  20. To make efforts to remove complaints and misunderstanding amongst the foreign employers about manpower sent by member-recruiting agents;
  21. To maintain regular liaison by visits of responsible executives to overseas employers and their Bangladeshi employees;
  22. To organize welfare measures for the Bangladeshi workers abroad and their beneficiaries at home;
  23. To encourage the Bangladeshi workers working abroad for remit maximum of their foreign exchange earning to the country through regular official channels;
  24. To encourage and advise the Bangladeshi migrants abroad and their beneficiaries at home for investments of investments of their foreign exchanges in the productive pursuits in the country;
  25. To undertake initiatives for repatriation and payment of compensation to the persons wrongly selected and sent abroad;
  26. To provide assistance for bringing the dead body of Bangladesh workers to the country or for its proper disposal, as the case may be, in co-operation with foreign employers;
  27. To obtain labor laws of the labor importing countries and to disseminate the information of those laws among the Bangladeshi migrant workers;
  28. To fix annual target of business for each member agency and to help them to achieve the same;
  29. To monitor the monthly activities for the member agencies to the Ministry of Labor and Manpower, Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training and Bangladesh Manpower Planning Center through a proforma to be prepared by Bangladesh Manpower Planning Center;
  30. To submit annual report to the Ministry of Labor and Employment by each member agency dealing with their total activities during every calendar year.
  31. To report to Ministry, Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training and Bangladesh Manpower Planning Center the amount of fees actually charged from job seekers of various categories;
  32. To explore job market in different parts of the world in addition to the countries in the Middle East;
  33. To explore job opportunities for skilled and professional personnel as well;
  34. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects


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