Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment

Vission and Mission

As a pledge to the people of Bangladesh to streamline the sector of overseas job placement of our teeming and invaluable human resources, the government created this Ministry on 20 December 2001.

Ever-increasing remittances from expatriates’ have already occupied the role as the foundation of the country’s economy, making this sector the prime development agenda. With growing expatriates and Diaspora overseas, the need for interface of them with home country is becoming more and more important. At the same time the scenario of global job market is changing with increasing emphasis on skill and ease in communication as defining factor. Keeping this in view, the aims and objectives of this ministry are aligned as:

  • To create and ensure regulatory framework for bringing transparency, accountability and proper monitoring among all stakeholders in this sector;

  • To promote manpower export sector by facilitating capacity building at both government and private sector level;

  • To work with other governments and international bodies for easing mobility of labor both as a factor of production and as a tool to alleviate poverty that will create greater harmony and cohesion among global community;

  • To undertake and facilitate all sorts of welfare activities for promotion of interface of Bangladeshi expatriates and Diaspora population with people and government of the home country.


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